Channelling Your Inner Acrobat:
Finding the balance between work and the rest of your life

The phrase “Work/life balance” is often cited as some sort of magical invocation to perpetual career bliss but many workers wonder how, if, they’ll ever be able to achieve it.

Challenging though it may be to make it a reality, it is possible to get reasonably close to it by keeping these four keys things in mind:

1. Work out what really matters to you and make them a priority

It’s too easy to find yourself pulled hither–and–yon by competing projects but as Ariana Huffington points out in her book Thrive, it is “really liberating” admitting that there are simply things you will never have the time for and letting them go.

Whatever the lengthy list is you’re holding closely to your chest, the chances are there are items that can be lopped off it, leaving you time to concentrate on the really important, achievable stuff.

2. Work out your boundaries between work and home and stick to them

When a deadline looms or some other crisis beckons we all know we need to put in the hours; however this special one-off effort can turn into an unhealthy habit that persists even in the absence of an urgent need.

To free yourself from it, honestly evaluate at the end of each day how much is ‘must-do’ today and how much can wait till tomorrow.

3. Learn to delegate

Letting go of things we are passionately invested in can be difficult but the reality is we can’t do everything nor can we be everywhere at once, even if we’d like to be.

Handing some tasks over to other people, whether at work or home, frees you up to more productive with those things you choose to keep control over.

4. Find ways to keep your job interesting

One surefire way to make sure that work and home stay in harmony is to make sure that your job is as enjoyable as possible.

After all, you spend a huge part of your life there so making sure you are challenged and rewarded by your job is a key part of remaining happy with the overall state of your life.

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