Career Change and Advancement Coaching

Are you a Senior Manager or Executive who is ready for a new challenge?

Our coaching programme assists you to identify which new field to target; whether this be a shift to a new organisation, a new industry or completely different role altogether.

Advancing in or changing career a senior manager or executive level is a more complex proposition than earlier in one’s career. The opportunities are fewer and more fiercely challenged.

Executives also need to hit the ground running in a new role, therefore need to be absolutely certain about what they want, where they’re headed, and how they can make an impact in the new role.

Our structured process will assist you to explore your options, make an informed decision, and action plan the next step in your career.

We thoroughly explore the essential criteria any executive needs to be completely clear on before making a career move. This includes an in depth analysis of:

  • strengths and preferred skills
  • long and short term career goals, including stretch goals for personal performance
  • personality fit to roles and responsibilities
  • the values that need to be fulfilled through work in order for motivation to be at its peak
  • salary and benefits requirements, both short and long term
  • preferred development and advancement opportunities within an organisation
  • organisation, industry and location preferences
  • managerial preferences regarding size of team and/or projects and budgets

How do I get started?

Call us on 02 9232 4462 or pop in some quick details below and we’ll call you within 24 hours to make a booking.

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