First 90 Days Leadership Bootcamp

In his highly‒regarded book “What got you here won’t get you there”, Marshall Goldsmith asserts that those who achieve exceptional results in leadership roles clearly understand the difference, and successfully manage the transition, between “doing” and “leading”.

Our First 90 Days Leadership Bootcamp program facilitates accelerated learning of the demands of a leadership role, effectively assisting new and existing leaders to make the necessary shifts in their thinking and behaviour.

In this coaching program we:

  • perform a realistic assessment of a leader’s strengths as critical to the role and identify any blind spots;
  • develop a learning agenda to rapidly identify critical issues, roots of poor performance and contributing factors to success;
  • build identified leadership skills such as assertiveness, negotiation and time management skills among others;
  • enhance productive working relationships with managers and peers; and
  • guide leaders in the effective management and development of their team.

The Leadership Bootcamp is conducted by our senior Executive Coach, Dr Alicia Karwat.

Program Structure

This is a 5-hour program (minimum), with ongoing coaching sessions by the hour available on request to address additional goals. To achieve optimal outcomes we recommend the sessions are held 2-4 weeks apart.

Session #1 - Personality Type and Strengths - 2 hours

We use the MBTI, the world’s most widely used personality assessment to assist people to understand their preferred leadership, work, communication and problem-solving styles. This is a highly impactful session that highlights strengths and alignments to the leadership role, as well as underlines optimal areas for development. Practical follow up tasks are set to apply what has been learned in the work context.

Session #2 - Focus areas for Development and Goal Setting - 1.5 hours

We review the homework tasks and outcomes as well as set goals for the focus areas of leadership skill development. We link the focus areas and goals to a strategy for achieving optimal results within 90 days; building capability around identified behaviours and strengths.

Session #3 - Goals and Outcomes Review - 1.5 hours

In this final session we analyse and assess the impact and outcomes of the new leadership skills and behaviours, and how they are contributing to achieving optimal results within the 90 days. A plan for ongoing implementation is developed as well as identifying any course corrections that may be advantageous in the longer term.

Ongoing Coaching - we recommend ongoing coaching sessions by the hour where individuals would like to address additional leadership goals.

Pricing and bookings

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