It is our pleasure and privilege to provide fundraising support both to clients of Max Coaching and the following organisations that assist people vocationally and educationally.

Max Coaching Clients

We will sponsor any client of Max Coaching, past or present to maximum of $50.00 per event; who participates in a fundraising event or activity. For example we have supported our clients engaged in the MS Sydney to Gong Ride, the Cure Cancer Australia SMH Half Marathon and the Sun-Herald City2Surf.

Requests for donations and/or sponsorships must be addressed to the Managing Director or Practice Manager via email or call our office on 02 9232 4462.

The Big Issue - one of Australia’s leading social enterprises providing creative solutions to the issue of homelessness. Keep your eye out for the fortnightly magazine which is sold on the streets of Sydney, or have a browse at our copy in reception when you have your next appointment.

Dress for Success Sydney Inc - outfits disadvantaged women, free of charge, in high quality professional attire and provides practical advice in preparation for job interviews.

The Smith Family - we sponsor a financially disadvantaged child here in Australia to assist in the purchase of school books, uniforms and shoes and a connection with a Learning for Life worker to encourage them in their schooling.

Philanthropy Policy

We are committed to responsible business practise and this policy outlines our approach to donations and non-commercial sponsorship. Our approach to donating reflects our culture. We focus on campaigns and/or projects which are in line with our core values of:

  • helping people to create a satisfying, purposeful and financially stable life through positive vocational engagement;
  • professionalism and quality;
  • community; and
  • integrity.

Guiding Principles

These are the key principles which guide our decisions on whether to donate money, or to sponsor events. There must be:

  • a relationship and connection with the Max Coaching community;
  • an appropriate fit with our brand and company values; and
  • support for not-for-profit organisations.

We support projects that are:

  • aligned with our core values;
  • driven by established, reputable fundraising organisations and supported by the relevant authorities; and
  • operated by not for profit organisations.

We do not support projects that:

  • any government should be responsible for, eg building of infrastructure or public buildings;
  • are administered by commercial organisations to gain profit from the event;
  • are illegal or unethical;
  • are administered by an organisation not endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office
  • have a clear political or religious agenda.

Decision Making

The Managing Director and Practice Manager are responsible for deciding on the recipient and donation amount; within an established annual budget.

Submitting a proposal

Requests for donations and/or sponsorships must be addressed to the Managing Director or Practice Manager via email or call our office on 02 9232 4462.

In your request please include:

  • the details of the event or campaign, ie name and date;
  • any links to the campaign website so that we can verify the organisation’s appropriate legal status and fundraising purpose;
  • your contact details, ie address and telephone number; and
  • details of your involvement in the fundraising campaign.