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We are a proud to partner with the National Rugby League to deliver targeted career programs for elite and professional Rugby League athletes.

National Rugby League

NRL- RLPA Education and Welfare

2012 - Current: Development and ongoing management of the award-winning NRL CareerWise, a whole of game, best practice career development program aimed at helping players make well informed career, work and study decisions.

2011 - Current: Career Transition Program Management. Career Coaching to all Senior NRL Players to assist in their transition from the game. Development of career strategy for the whole of game.

2008 - Career Development Workshops for Player Development Managers.

2007 - Development of an online tool to capture quantitative data on NRL player education and employment activities and achievements.

2007-2010 - Development of a 3 year strategic plan with each of the 16 Clubs for the implementation of a superior Education and Welfare program for all professional NRL players.

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Some of our clients include