Kick Start Your New Career

Need a new career but don’t know what would suit you best?

Our Kick Start Your New Career program is ideal for you. In four* 1 hour coaching sessions we’ll help you work out:

  • What makes you tick and how that influences your job satisfaction
  • Where your skills, and interests intersect
  • The personal and professional factors such as salary, work location and environment that matter most to you in a role

Our Kick Start Your New Career programme takes a structured, step–by–step approach to exploring each of these factors, providing you with practical insights that will assist you to make a confident and well-informed decision about your new career direction.

Session 1 – Personality Type and Career Fit

We use the MBTI®, the world’s most widely used personality assessment, to help you to understand your personality type and how it can affect what may or may not suit you in a role.

You can expect to walk away with a sense of self-validation that will help you to confidently work through a variety of potential careers that may suit you.

Session 2 – Career Options Review and Values Identification

In this session we help you to work out what is most important to you in a role, and which career options currently of interest best align with these values.

Session 3 – Skills, Knowledge, Experience and Interests Inventory

In this session you’ll identify both what you are good at and enjoy doing, helping you to identify career options that match these criteria. You’ll also identify skills and knowledge that you wish to develop through study or work experience for a future preferred role.

Session 4 – Work Environment, Salary and Lifestyle Goals

In this final session we’ll determine the professional and personal factors that are critical to your job satisfaction, such as preferred location, salary, industry, work style and lifestyle. These final ‘non-negotiables’ will assist you with confirming your new preferred career direction.

* In most instances 4 sessions are required, in some instances more than 4 sessions may be optimal.

This is a rare circumstance, and your coach will advise of this at the time. It is typically linked to situations where the homework has not been completed ahead of a session, or when significant levels of stress, depression or anxiety may be present at the time.

At the conclusion to this program you may wish to take advantage of our Interview Coaching or our Resume Coaching.

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