Coaching for Executives

Ideal for Senior Managers to Executives

Executive Interview Coaching

Interviews for executive positions are typically far more complex and challenging than those for non-executive roles.

As a candidate you need to be ready to not only confidently articulate your skills and achievements to date and how you will apply them to your potential future role, but also be able to describe your vision for the future and the measurable benefits you will bring to the role.

Interview Preparation

You will learn what to expect in an executive level interview and how best to prepare for it. In addition you will undertake a review of past interview experiences, analyse what did and didn’t work, and determine how to perform successfully in these areas in the future.

We require you to send your resume and the job ad to us ahead of time so that we can thoroughly review your background and the role selection criteria. We use this information to tailor the session to be most relevant for your upcoming interview, preparing you specifically for this engagement, rather than provide only generalist interview advice.

Duration - 1 hour

Interview Practice

In this useful follow up to Interview Preparation, you will run through mock interview scenarios and practice commonly encountered interview questions.

This coaching session can operate as a stand alone service if your prospective employer has supplied the questions they will ask you in advance and you would like to plan and practice your strongest responses.

Otherwise completion of Interview Preparation coaching is a pre–requisite.

Duration - 1 hour

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