Plan Your Next Move

  • I want to advance in my industry, what are my options for my next move that leverage my strengths and personality type?
  • Do I have an outstanding resume that will be noticed?
  • How can I best market myself in the competitive job market?
  • How can I best present myself in the interviews?
  • I have been retrenched or are unsure about my future in the organization, what can be my next move leveraging my strengths and experience?

This program comprises 3 coaching modules and is for those who are in the industry or field of their choice, and want to plan the next step in their career.

Outcomes include:

  • identification of career progression options that fit well with personality type
  • clarity around personal and professional strengths and skills and how to best leverage them for career progression
  • a well informed plan for career advancement
  • a resume that clearly targets the next role
  • skills and increased confidence to perform successfully at interview

Module 1 – Personality Type and Strengths + Career Progression Planning

We conduct the MBTI® assessment and validate your results. Using the in–depth MBTI Interpretive Report we perform a systematic analysis of strengths and preferences and how to leverage these towards preferred career progression goals.

Based on this analysis and review of experience, skills and expertise we map out a clear progression plan and a go–to–market strategy. These plans and goals inform our next step of resume tailoring.

This module may be completed in a single 2–hour coaching session or over two 1–hour coaching sessions based on personal preference and availability.

Time – 2 hours
Cost – $660.00 ($165.00 upfront for the MBTI quiz and resources + $495.00 for the 2 hours of coaching)

Prices are inclusive of GST and a Tax Invoice is supplied.

Module 2 – Resume Development

We coach you on how to create a strong resume, one that will increase your chances of gaining an interview. The principles we coach you in will serve you well throughout the rest of your career.

Your resume should be a tactical document, thoughtfully and carefully crafted for a specific purpose Рto win you that interview. In today’s competitive labour market, it is not uncommon for hundreds of resumes to be received in response to one job add. It is critical, therefore, to make your resume outstanding.

This module is conducted over 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions held at least 1 week apart to allow for completion of homework.

Time – 2 hours
Cost – $495.00

Prices are inclusive of GST and a Tax Invoice is supplied.

Module 3 – Interview Preparation

Tailored specifically for the interview or interviews that you are approaching, this 1–hour service includes:

  • what to research before the interview
  • what to expect in the interview
  • how to analyse the job advertisement or job description to fully prepare for the interview
  • how to best respond to role–specific as well as most commonly asked interview questions
  • how to respond to behavioural interview questions
  • interview question and answer rehearsal (subsequent sessions may be booked to focus entirely on this)

Duration – 1 hour
Cost – $220.00

Prices are inclusive of GST and a Tax Invoice is supplied.

Optional Extra Coaching Session – Interview Practice

This session is best held once an interview has been booked. Interview questions specific to the role will be addressed through mock interview scenarios with feedback to optimise performance.

Time – 1 hour
Cost – $220.00

Prices are inclusive of GST and a Tax Invoice is supplied.


Email our Practice Manager Trisha Mitchell to make a booking or find out more.