Fast Track Your Job Search

  • I know where I want to head, I want the best strategy to get there
  • I want to know the range of options I can pursue based on my education, skills and experience
  • I need to develop a great resume and strong interview skills to take me where I want to go

This coaching program is for people who want to put their best foot forward in the job market. It consists of 4 hours of coaching addressing 3 critical topics

Session 1 - Career Check Up

We conduct a review of your career so far, identifying what has and hasn’t worked and discuss future direction and best options OR we focus the coaching session on the top 3 career-related issues you wish to discuss.

Duration - 1 hour

Sessions 2 & 3 – Resume Development

We coach you on how to create a strong resume that is tailored for your target role and that will increase your chances of gaining an interview. The principles we coach you in will serve you well throughout the rest of your career.

Your resume should be a tactical document, thoughtfully and carefully crafted for a specific purpose – to win you that interview. In today’s competitive labour market, it is not uncommon for hundreds of resumes to be received in response to one job add. It is critical, therefore, to make your resume outstanding.

Duration - 2 hours. Must be completed as 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions held at least 1 week apart to allow for completion of homework.

Session 4 – Interview Preparation

In the process of interview coaching you will gain confidence, develop a winning mindset and learn how to make a good impression.

The coaching process covers the following:

  • what to research before the interview
  • what to expect in an interview
  • how to analyse the job advertisement or job description to prepare for an interview
  • the most commonly asked questions and how to best tackle them
  • behavioural interviewing coaching

Duration - 1 hour

Optional Extra Coaching Session - Interview Practice

This session is best held once an interview has been booked. Interview questions specific to the role will be addressed through mock interview scenarios with feedback to optimise performance.

Duration - 1 hour

Pricing and bookings

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