What is Career Coaching?

A professional, structured and practical service for people who are serious about:

  • making well informed career choices;
  • putting their best foot forward in the job market; and
  • intelligently managing their career.

Coaching is not therapy and does not aim to assist with psychological issues. If such an issue arises during the coaching we may pause the coaching program and provide a referral to an appropriate professional.

Why should I select Max Coaching services over others?

Our programs:

  • have been recognised as best practice by the peak body for career development in Australia, attracting national excellence awards.
  • are comprehensive and detailed. We coach our clients through a thorough and structured process designed to help them make the confident and well-informed career decisions, progressions and transitions.
  • are proven, with over 19 years of experience successfully assisting people with their career goals. We don't advertise and we will never do the 'hard sell' when you contact us. Our work speaks for itself, with the majority of our clients coming to us through word of mouth referral.

Our coaches:

  • have breadth and depth of industry experience in professional roles. They know what they are talking about when they discuss career and industry options with you.
  • have successfully changed jobs and advanced in their careers multiple times, so we understand the practicalities of successful career management.
  • are professional members of the Career Development Association of Australia, the peak body for career practitioners across Australia.

Career coaching, a worthy investment

Since most of us will work at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 40-50 years, it makes sense to invest in learning how to make good career choices and develop strong leadership skills. Especially since our vocational life contributes significantly to our:

  • life and professional satisfaction;
  • wellbeing;
  • sense of worth; and
  • achievement of personal and financial goals.

A good coach will teach you self–reliance, empowering you to successfully manage your career and fulfil your maximum potential.

I’ve read career self-help books, how will coaching help me any more than those?

While there are some excellent books available, such as “What Color is My Parachute”, many of which can help build awareness of what is and is not important to you in a job they do not answer the follow up question: “What careers include these important things, and therefore would be suitable for me?”

This is where we come in. We actively assist people to identify the career options that will be the best fit for them based on what they have learned about themselves and their career criteria. We offer practical application of theoretical self knowledge and awareness.

What level of confidentiality can I expect?

Your name and the nature of your coaching will be kept confidential by the Max Coaching team. All matters discussed in each coaching session and all written notes are also kept confidential.

You are welcome to request a copy of any notes taken by your coach.

The coaching relationship is conducted in line with the ethical standards of the International Coach Federation and the Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners.

Are coaching fees tax deductible?

In certain instances coaching is able to be claimed under Self Education Expenses. We provide a Tax Invoice and recommend you seek the advice of an Accountant on this matter. For more information go to the ATO website.