Coaching for Executives

Ideal for Senior Managers to Executives

Executive Check Up

This is a targeted, executive level coaching engagement that equips you to:

  • achieve specific career goals,
  • successfully navigate challenging or disruptive scenarios such as a restructure, merger/acquisition or new senior executive management, or
  • deal effectively with any factors that are holding you back from achieving your full potential in your role

Career Check Up - 1 hour

In this tailored coaching engagement we focus on your top 3 goals or issues. You will gather fresh insights that will be distilled into a practical, achievable action plan that you will be able to immediately implement.

We request that you email your resume or current job description, your top 3 issues and any other relevant background a few days ahead of the session so that we can review the details of your situation and goals and hit the ground running with you to make the most of this 1 hour coaching session.

Duration - 1 hour

Career Check Up Deluxe - 2 hours

In this extended coaching engagement you will gain insights into how to leverage your personality preferences to quickly and effectively address issues or challenges at work, or to determine the best fit options for your career progression.

This session includes the MBTI personality assessment, validation and interpretation of your personality type, and identification of the ways in which the strengths of your type can be practically applied to your top 3 goals or issues.

Sample goals and issues may include:

  • “I have a new CEO, how can I best communicate my strengths and career aspirations to them?”
  • “How can I leverage my personality preferences to advance in my career?”
  • “I’m not getting through to my team, what communication strategies can I employ to improve motivation and engagement?”

Duration - 2 hours

Pricing and bookings

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