Coaching for Executives

Ideal for Senior Managers to Executives

Position Yourself to Advance

How can I best leverage my strengths and experience to position myself for advancement?

In the competitive landscape of senior and executive management the ability to both differentiate and position oneself is critical.

This 5-hour coaching program is delivered by successful executives for executives and will assist you to:

  • develop an advanced understanding of personality preferences and their impact on job fit
  • analyse your strengths, experience and skills and how to best leverage them for career progression
  • create a clear plan for career advancement
  • construct a resume that is pitched precisely for the next position you have identified in your career progression
  • attain interview skills specific to the level of complexity and seniority of the targeted role

Session 1 - Personality Preferences and Strengths

After undertaking the MBTI® assessment and validating and interpreting your results, your career coach will illustrate how they impact on job fit, your communication and leadership style and your decision-making and personal organisation style.

Through this systematic analysis of your strengths and experience you will learn how to leverage these towards your preferred career path and goals.

Duration - 2 hours. Can be completed as 1 x 2 hour coaching session or 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions.

Sessions 2 & 3 – Executive Resume Development

Your career coach will explain and demonstrate how to create an executive level resume, including how to craft the type ofcompelling, sophisticated content and detail expected in an executive application.

Learning the skill of resume development at this level carries ongoing benefit for any future applications as well as thoroughly preparing you for the elements that will be addressed at interview.

Duration - 2 hours. Must be completed as 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions held at least 1 week apart to allow for completion of homework.

Session 4 – Interview Preparation

You will learn what to expect in an executive level interview and how best to prepare for it. In addition you will undertake a review of past interview experiences, analyse what did and didn’t work, and learn how to perform successfully in these areas in future.

Duration - 1 hour

Optional Extra Coaching Session - Interview Practice

You can choose to undertake this session once an interview has been booked. Interview questions specific to the role will be addressed through mock interview scenarios with feedback provided by your career coach to optimise performance.

Duration - 1 hour

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